How would you feel about custom game finder?

I know it would never happen, much as it has been suggested in previous halo discussions, with good reasons why it cant.

That being said, do you think it would be worth having custom game servers, or personal paid for servers, much like Battlefield 3?

Having it an optional update so people that dont want/like it dont have to use it?

I wish they would just do away with playlists and make an actual server browser with official and non-official servers.

But yes, this idea would be amazing.

Custom games browser would be so awesome.

I would pay for a server to have my own custom game type and maps on.

You could easily “upload” your maps to your server persay, like a fileshare for the server

I would absolutely love it. Too bad it’s unlikely.

Idk I feel like they would charge a lot for it though