How would I change the way we recoeve rewards


I feel like the store shouldn’t be rotating. I think it would be better to be one constant store like you would see in WOW. In older store models. Each event then adds new items to the store, and we can search for the event and buy those premiums. Static, always there.

Let’s look at the challenges and capstone. I think this is where we should be able to get the store premium items for free. If we want to grind out the challenges, then we get that worth while reward. I feel like that is fair. Perhaps put an indicator on if it was earned via challenge. Maybe that would create a bad feeling among those that bought versus grind. Idk.

To the battle pass, I think if we have a static store, then a battle pass shouldn’t exist. That should be where the free cosmetics we would typically earned in older Halo titles be. That should be the xp, career rank, ranked rewards. The battle pass system is already setup where we can focus where we want our credits to go. Reach Armor, Yourai Armor, Yappaning events etc.

As well, instead of having these limited time events, those new free cosmetics like in the yappening should add to that pool of customization. The game modes can rotate, so we don’t have too many modes. I feel like this uses all of their systems that they have in place. I don’t like these FOMO systems, I understand why they exist.

Thank you.