How will they fix rank?

I’m not sure it would make a lot of difference for regular players. It’s probably more for those stacking teams with lower ranked players and smurfs etc.

But if you play outside of peak hours then the chances are that match-making will struggle to give you a 50:50 spread of opponents above and below you.

For most people I imagine this will attenuate the oscillations in rank that we are seeing. Your CSR will drift up and then come back with a jolt on the next loss.

Maybe this is why you are finding the whole experience a bit jarring?

Playing at a different time may not help you rank up… but it may stabilise your CSR a bit more.

Does rank mean anything if it can’t be maintained outside of specific times/circumstances? Or are you playing specifically for the weapon emblem/attachment?

I’m playing to get better at the game and have a rank that reflects that. My response to @Darwi above was in relation to a comment made that 1) more people may be exploiting the system during a certain time of day and 2) matchmaking quality is best at specific times of day.

Matchmaking quality will always be best at peak times for your timezone when the most players are online at the same.

Agreed. Because this issue is, this IS occurring during prime playing hours.

We will see what they come up with!