How will Halo compete with destiny?

I mean the series is currently in a state of decline. Most older Halo players will probably just migrate over to destiny, which is Kinda disappointing, I mean Halo is supposed to be the best Xbox game ever, yet There are so many issues that can note with Halo 4 that suppress its “Halo” feeling, the Forge, Personal loadouts, Promethean weaponry, the soundtrack, killcams. 343 is trying to make halo appeal to the Call of duty audience, and that is ruining the series.

Depends on the feel. If I feel like My noggin gets an exercise and makes me feel good for doing good… Destiny here I come.

But I doubt it would be the Arena shooter Im looking for…

I’ll be playing both. Anyways, this belongs in General Discussion, not Reach.

Hopefully 343 learns from their “appeal to a wider audience” thing that they did with Halo 4. Or well, what I mean is that I don’t really care if they appeal to a wider audience. I don’t mind more people to play with, but don’t make a game that is a complete remake of Call of Duty and has no competitiveness what so ever. I don’t mind casual gameplay, I like it sometimes, but I also want competitive gameplay. Oh, and on topic about how Halo will compete with Destiny. Not only do I want 343 to make Halo 5 more like the previous Halo games and more competitive, but I think that’s the only way Halo 5 will survive. If you guys saw Halo 4 aimed at the cod community and the cod people quit Halo 4 and now look at its population. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really mind cod, or the community, but cod is cod and Halo is Halo. So, at this point not only do we want Halo 5 to be fun, but also competitive, 343 making Halo 5 like this is really the only thing they can do to save the Halo series. If 343 makes Halo 5 like Halo 4 part 2, I doubt many people will buy it and I think all of the Halo fans will get Destiny. I will probably be getting Destiny, but I will only be getting Halo 5 if they make it a good game and more like Halo.