How will grifball work in this game?

I’ve always been a little lukewarm when it comes to Grifball. In 3 I basically just played it to get easy killtrocities when you were lucky enough to pull host. I never cared about winning or losing. I didn’t really play it much in Reach but it was pretty much the same deal.

That more or less changed with 4 because three things changed or were improved. Sprint was standard for all Spartans, the hammer was much much better than previous titles, and you could THROW THE BALL, the latter of which was perhaps the best innovation made by 343 in the halo series.

I loved 4 Grifball. It felt like a real game mode finally and not just a meme, and the matches were fun and exciting and had a lot of strategy to them.

But Infinite no longer has throwable oddballs. Infinite also has a ridiculously powerful hammer, with a huge blast radius. I don’t see Grifball working the same at all, and honestly I’m not sure what to expect.


They may never implement it at this rate.


It’ll come into the game hopefully (fingers-crossed) one day! It’s a nice change of pace with another game mode to play. The gravity hammer is wild in the kill/blast range, but it’ll be enjoyable I hope.

people can create any mode they want in forge if the nodes allow it. 343 can just pop peoples creations into matchmaking. 343 can focus on their big modes while the community fill in the rest.

I’m carrying the ball = melee range 1m

Enemy carrying the ball = GALAXY RANGE


I really liked Ricochet from H4 and because of that game having a bad rap for so long that gem of a mode got burried beneath it. I feel a Ricochet mode in Infinite would be a GREAT step to get us more modes.


They’re gonna have to tweak the Golf Club to be more like a classic hammer, then make that standard for Grifball.

Also they will need to add Assault, with the ability to throw the bomb as a custom option.

There is a bomb looking thing in the files (not the round one we know but it looks decidedly bomb like) that is throwable. So it should be perfectly doable but god knows when 343i will get to it. It’ll almost certainly be done in forge before it gets any official support.

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