How/Where do I start for painting miniatures?

So Halo fans/community, figured I would make this to see if anyone knows how or where I get started on painting miniatures.

Does anyone specifically do this at home as a hobby? Perhaps it is your job and you have some great pointers on how to get started?
Where is the best place to purchase paint products, how do I go about it, and what do I do with my first “army” or “navy” to be painted?

I bring this all up because of the new tabletop game coming out for Halo in regards to all the UNSC and Covenant naval ships coming out and all unpainted. I’m going to start a new hobby with this and just wanted to see if any Halo community member does this or has done the miniature painting in the past maybe in regards to Warhammer 40k or some other universe. Would appreciate any good feedback!

Nobody? Darn, alright. Guess I can Google it all, lol.