How was Cortana compatible in the Control Room?

In Halo CE, how was her chip even compatible with the Forerunner tech?

Space Magic.

Honestly I try not to look into it too much.

Forerunners had USB ports maybe?

Or Cortana found forerunner tech was very easy to hack and upload herself into.

It is a universal control, I suppose

I like space magic.

Cortana was built with intention to operate with forerunner technology (they made her a forrunner usb and chief a usb port) Quite easy to explain really…

And with operating with the technology she was not as esperienced in Halo 1 as in Halo 4, she learnt stuff over time so after a few Halo games she could operate with more advanced technology (No idea why she couldnt upload herself wirelessly to cheifs helmet, then get given a new chip to reside in later?) And it would make sense too becuase aparrently Cortana chaged Cheifs helmet during 3-4 so I had no idea why she wouldnt put it in, I mean you could upload data like that in 2015 never mind in 2535 or whatever

Or maybe she has done (SPOILERS) she mightve gone quiet just to see how cheif would be without her becuase after all she wants to usb -Yoink- chiefs brain out anyway because she loves him

Shell probably have data -Yoink- (come) all over her mouth in Halo 5 :wink:

Because of technology.

As seen in Halo 2 and 3, she can make small, for lack of a better word, jumps. IE transferring herself from the chip to a piece of digital technology that she has access to. You see this with the covie bomb and when Chief finds her in High Charity.

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> Shell probably have data -Yoink- (come) all over her mouth in Halo 5 :wink:

This guy…

video game magic

If everything is wireless it can’t be too difficult can it?