How Warzone can implement legendary Weapons

In warzone it’s been confirmed that there will be legendary weapons (The Prophet’s Bane, Linda’s sniper rifle). It will be interesting to see how 343 implements them.

This is my idea on how they should implement legendary weapons:

Have an announcement announcing that legendary weapons will spawn in 1 minute. After one minute has passed the weapons spawn, however in order to obtain the weapon(s)
players must have to endure an extremely challenging series of events. These are some of my ideas:

  • Have there be a boss who wields the weapon - players must kill the boss and will subsequently obtain the weapon - Have a small parkour run with dynamic environments (ground breaks under feat) - Scarab fightThese challenges would see only the best Halo players triumph, giving the seemingly casual approach of warzone a competitive appeal.

I thought legendary weapons are still reqs. Also i dislike the idea