How unlock the forum sign?

Somebody told me olease how can i unlock the forum sign?

What do you mean by sign? If you mean a signature you’ll have to wait till you reach spartan rank.

Its “firma” in spanish, is that where you say “Life is only funny when you get the joke…”

This will be my 5th entry, if i understanded it, with 5 entrys in forums i may unlock have a personal sign in my entries on forums.

I ma now Recruit Bronze, by 5 entries

> 2533274936089740;5:
> I ma now Recruit Bronze, by 5 entries

Please don’t post multiple time in a row. If you need to add more information or quote other users, you can edit your last post. Posting multiple times in succession to inflate your post count is classed as spam here. Thanks

Sorry thanks

Forum signature is unlocked at Spartan rank, after 6000 posts.

Locking this down since the OP’s inquiry has been resolved.