"How Tough Are Ya?"

SaltySpitoon, a forward moving company hell-bent on becoming a true H5 powerhouse, is now recruiting members.

Hello. I’m DanHyder, the leader of SaltySpitoon. Our company was formerly private, with my buds and I being the members, along with some people we met in-game. We are now looking for anyone out there who believes they are tough enough to fight with us.

We can boast being one of a small percentage of companies out there with at least one Champion All-Time CSR rating. We also have former members from a variety of different companies, including Filthy Animals, Omega Black, and Achilles Champions.

Our numbers are currently low, but we will reach our goals. So, if you want to answer the call, and if you aren’t afraid of a fight, come join and find out what you’re really made of.

If you believe you can bravely answer the question that is our motto, “How tough are ya?”, along with a fire in your heart and a crosshair always pointing forward, then you may be just what we need.

Extra information can be found here: SaltySpitoon

We hope to see you soon, spartan.

(This company has not yet attained the Achilles armor set, though most of our current members already have unlocked it)

Is there some kind of game night where everyone gets on and plays together?

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> Is there some kind of game night where everyone gets on and plays together?

There isn’t a set night that we all get on, but eventually I believe it’d be possible.


No problem, any other questions?


… and?

If 3 whales are swimming in an ocean, how many grasshoppers with a wooden leg can hop over a fence?

2 circles

Oh okay thanks

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> Oh okay thanks

Is that all, or do you have any actual questions?