How to use the theatre? Mine swaps between players automatically?

So I was trying to watch a couple of my matches where I did pretty damn good, however whenever I try to watch my point of view it automatically swaps to other players…

Is there a way to stop this? Or is there a reason as to why its happening? Kinda annoying it randomly swaps players

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I haven’t been able to find a way to disable it. The camera will switch when the player dies. Super annoying when I’m trying to check other players POV for integrity purposes.

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It’s happening because it happened in H5 so 343 kept that ‘feature’ in infinite.

They’ve fixed all the things that didn’t need fixing such as no player collision that no-one ever asked for and not fixed the things that needed fixing such as theatre.

I hope you can see how this makes total sense and shouldn’t infuriate anyone at all in the slightest ever. :roll_eyes:


Theater works? News to me. I used it last week and -yoink deluxe- that didn’t even happen was happening in the video lol


Yeah. It’s been like this in halo 5. Theater is garbage. I live record all my matches. Better qauillty. No glitch outs. No player switches. Just gatta plan when you record. Use OBS.


I’ve got like 30 or so infinite ninjas recorded on the Xbox built-in thing, hopefully transferring them is easy when I finally get around to editing them

Do everything on PC. Open the folder and it’s all there. I use hit film express to edit them. Around 9 bucks for the version you need to edit. The free version doesn’t have all the tools you need

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Maybe I missed something, but OBS doesn’t have a paid version. It’s open source software.

Take your time when you read my comments. I clearly said hit film express and then obs in another comment

Thank you for the clarification, I’ve never heard of “Hit Film Express” and seeing it in lower caps made it look like an action rather than a title for a form of software. So that’s where the misunderstanding came from.

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All good. It’s an amazing program for cheap. Super straight forward and if you wanted to get more advanced there is packages for that. You don’t have to buy a whole suite of options to get started

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Theatre as is, is completely broken. It switches randomly between players, and you almost never hear your own AI announcer.

The controls need fixed as well. There was no reason to change the classic theatre controls imo.

Wait what? You don’t love this feature? /s

I used theater once to watch a player who stomped me play. I didn’t care about anyone else in the map, only on how to improve my own gameplay and emulate that player.

Jokes on me; I was going to watch every player whether I wanted to or not. Having to pause, swap, and play every time someone dies is quite possibly the most obnoxious aspect of any game that I’ve ever played.


It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to save a clutch moment or improve, nobody is looking to watch an entire game from 8 different perspectives.

Let’s for the sake of argument say a player did want to view 8 different perspectives. They most assuredly want to watch 1 person at a time., and will rewind and change perspective after they see what they want to see.

Changing for the player is dumb af.

Well that’s stupid…

What’s the point of the theatre if I cant watch what I want to watch


Every time I try to use theatre to watch certain players I swear it just decides to show me every other player in the lobby rather than the one getting sprees and multikills. Constantly skipping back and trying to stick to certain players is frustratingly difficult.


Yeah that’s my issue, was playing swat and went 21-3 getting a bunch of multi kills and I cant even rewatch it because it just swaps me to someone else wondering around the map

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