How to use the broadcast channels in Forge ?

Hi, does anyone know what item to use so activate the garage door I placed ?

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I 2nd that, I’ve tried everything with that garage door!!! Even loaded Zanzibar and mimic’d what the settings were on that garage door. Still didn’t work :frowning:

Hello everyone! I just figured it out in forge myself! Basically you need a switch with the same brodcast channel as the item you want to activate. Kind of like how you need the same channels for the teleporters in Halo 3 Forge. Go into the menu, then go to “Scripting” and there should be three items; Switches, Triggers and Timers. Switches you walk up to and activate and if the garage door is on the same brodcast it should open it. You would need to use the “off” switch for this however. Also you could use a trigger, which is an area you can walk into and it will open the garage door aswell. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

This should explain all your scripting basics:

The Halo Forge Epidemic is a good place to check out. They’ve created 2 tutorials on scripting so far, and still have another one to come out. They will also most likely make even more tutorials as well.