How to use Disruptor and Shock rifle (Guide)

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to test the Disruptor weapon in this weekends flight and I’d like to post some of my thoughts about this weapon, as well as the other electric energy weapon, the Shock Rifle.
These are new weapons, with unique mechanics not similar to those previously seen in the franchise. I’m going to describe the mechanics here, so if you prefer to discover them yourself in the campaign then do not read this thread. One of my favorite aspects of the original Halo: Combat Evolved was discovering the unique alien weapons throughout the campaign, and I must say, 343 really nailed that feeling in these weapons. Spoilers below.

The Disruptor is a weapon that aesthetically resembles a pistol, but in terms of functionality is more like an electric-element LMG from the Destiny franchise. It is quite accurate and fires fully automatically with a slow rate of fire. Fast muzzle velocity.
Instead of firing conventional bullets or plasma globs, this weapon shoots small electric “quills” into its target. You could say the closest cousin to the disruptor is actually the Needler (Or needle rifle from Halo: Reach). However, if you manage to hit an enemy with just three of these quills, these will “supercombine” (like the needles from a needler), and create an EMP-blast.

This EMP-blast has the ability to disable vehicles around the enemy (including vehicles the enemy is currently in), and also to releases an electric arc that damages nearby enemies.
In addition to these area-of-effect mechanics, an EMP will do damage over time to the enemy. In my limited experience with the weapon, three shots and an EMP blast has the ability to completely wipe the shield of an enemy, plus-minus seven percent.

Keep in mind for this to take effect you need to get three good hits in and then leave the enemy to “slow cook” for several seconds. You may then pop back out of cover to finish the job with a headshot or two. This phase can also be completed via kinetic weapons such as the Sidekick or Assault Rifle.

If you connect six shots in succession, the enemy will experience two EMP-blasts back-to-back, at which point you can leave him to “Slow cook” and he will eventually die. The Damage over time will usually drain the entire life meter of the enemy over several seconds. But it will be enough time for the enemy to end you and at least one other ally, so I recommend finishing off with a headshot.

These are the three kill combos:
3 shot (EMP) + Wait time + Headshot(s)
3 shot (EMP) + 3 shot (EMP) + Wait time
3 shot (EMP) + 3 shot (EMP) + Headshot

The latter is a sequence of seven shots in rapid succession and is the quickest way to kill an enemy (with this weapon). However, it uses more than half a magazine (10 in each mag) and requires you to expose yourself to incoming damage for a longer period of time. In this timespan there are several things that can kill you in this game, because TTK is extremely short compared to previous titles. Going up against an enemy with a Disruptor in an equal 1v1 duel is likely to end in a trade if you go the seven-shot way, because you’ll end up slow-cooking to death even if you get the first seventh shot in perfectly. So consider the two other combos.
In addition to releasing an EMP by hitting enemy players, you can stun a vehicle directly by putting in enough quills into it. Perhaps this explains why the Plasma Pistol can no longer EMP vehicles.

For Ghosts and Warthogs, it takes ten shots (one Disruptor magazine) to release the EMP-blast and disable the vehicle. These quills have to come from the same weapon (can not be combined with electric quills from the Shock Rifle) in order to work.
Keep in mind, if your goal is to stop a vehicle, then it only takes three shots to get an EMP out of an enemy player. This effectively turns drivers, gunners and passengers into “weak spots” in the vehicle. If you can get three shots into someone in a vehicle, then the vehicle will stop and the enemy player will have to fight you on foot at a massive disadvantage.

Shock Rifle:
The Shock Rifle is exactly what it says on the box. However, it might be wise to recognize that this is actually a burst rifle, despite looking and sounding like a continuous beam.
Each burst of this rifle consists of five electric quills, comparable to those fired individually by the Disruptor. It has a magazine of twenty, meaning you get a total of four bursts per mag.
In terms of damage output it seems (with limited experience from this beta) that the Shock Rifle is slightly more powerful than the Disruptor, albeit somewhat more difficult to aim at close range.

If you manage to connect all five quills to the enemy, you are guaranteed an EMP-blast and damage arc to nearby enemies. If you can make all five quills go into the head, then he will instantly die and mr. Steitzer will shout “Perfect!” to eloquently describe your accuracy. Very satisfying.

As you can imagine, it will take two bursts to disable a vehicle, unless you can snipe the driver as described in the section about the Disruptor.
The number of bursts it will take to kill an enemy is otherwise completely determined by your accuracy. Typically two to three bursts for rapidly moving enemies is to be expected, especially if playing on console / with controller.