How to use a forum 101

  • Step 1: Read the main subforum and use search to see if your point of interest is already being discussed. vNext has this nifty feature that when you start typing a topic title is shows similar posts.

  • Step 2: Think about what you want to say and ask yourself is it providing a dialog with other users and supporting discussion, sharing of information, etc? If Yes, great then add to that thread or post that topic.
    If it’s more along the lines of emotional ranting, spamming already created topics, etc. It’s more so you saying “hey look at me” or throwing a hissy fit in the forum.

  • Step 3: Proof read. Where you heated or in a sorta flow state when you posted, maybe revisit it and ask yourself. “Man, am I just clogging up the subforum and forcing other people who want to see Halo Infinite become the ideal game like me have to destroy their scroll wheels trying to find interesting topics in a sea of endless spam?”

  • Step 4: PLAY THE OBJECTIVE! I’d be more tolerant of the immature hissy fits if you guys put that energy into moving the flag and the Space Duracells

As someone who has experience with this type of stuff, there is not enough moderators for 24/7 cleanup and I almost want subcategories so general/misc can just be a cesspool of the same topic being posted 117 times a day

Fun fact: a single thread of topic X with a bunch of discussion is easier to process than 300 threads about topic X. Imagine that! :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed, I’m only keeping up with about 1/2 the threads because so many are exactly the same. I mean, I’ve seen plenty of examples where people are literally copying posts into another thread or even brand new ones. Don’t waste my time like that.


I would also add a few other things maybe:

  • Ensure that your topic fits in the forum category. For instance, this forum is for Infinite discussion :rofl:
  • Don’t police the forums unless you’re a moderator
  • Check out the Forum Guidelines topic before posting so you are aware of certain rules
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wheres the downvote option? dislike button?

Haha had a good laugh at this. A good solution would be some nice Jeff lines when playing the OBJ. “Seeeed heist” “Powerbank” “straight seeding”

Whether this was intentional or not, very funny.


It really is annoying seeing dozens of duplicate posts, but mods are just letting them do it, so I guess let the rioters riot

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Hopefully they are just letting them vent for a bit. As soon as it settles a bit I’m hoping they can curate the issue into single (mega) threads… like the “Playable Elites” on the previous forum.