How to system link?

I’m trying to system link wit my bro but its not letting us join each other. we already put the settings to system link but it says we can’t join each other.

could anyone help? we got our xbox’s connected via internet cord also

Im having the same problem. Both Xboxes are recognizing each other and we can both see each others profiles but when we click on each others profile to join it says not joinable. Any help would be apprenticed.


I do not know if this will help but occasionally on some Older Xboxes (Elite, arcade etc {prior to slims}) and some games anybody connected to the network needs to be connected via the same hardware, for example:

You are connected to the network with an ethernet and I am connected via wireless adaptor, we may not be able to see each other or play together.

Try connecting both wirelessly or both with a cable.

Also are both consoles updated, and are both copies of halo 4 running the same update from XboxLive?

I have been trying to rectify this issue ever since backwards compatibility was introduced.
Let me just say that the issue I have spans multiple games all with the same result.Lets start with Halo 3 and Reach.
I have 4 xbox 360s and 4 xbox ones.Working setup:
System link works with all 8 systems happily when the Xbox Ones are connected through the wired port to the network.
The Xbox 360s can be wired or wireless, it does not matter.The issue that has yet to be resolved, Xbox One’s connected wirelessly can see the system link games but it fails to connect. It acknowledges that the NAT is open and refers you to Microsoft help for suport.I have used multiple routers, so it appears this problem exists within the Xbox one wireless communications.
I do not know enough to start tinkering with those settings. I would suggest that would be the first place to concentrate on if you seek to create a fully wireless system link game. I would love to know the solution. I have spent a lot of time searching for the answer to know avail.

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