How to speedrun/cheese Headmaster achievement (laso)

As you may or may not know there are so many skips in Infinite right now that you can basically beat the game in close to 30 minutes but campaign completion achievements don’t unlock when doing skips. However i have found out why achievements aren’t unlocking and have found the solution to still be able to speedrun and use skips to skip a lot of the campaign on LASO. I won’t go into detail on per level skips im just going to mention them per level and you can go look them up yourselves they’re all on YouTube.

So to start off why aren’t completion achievements unlocking when doing the big skips? To put it simply, because of the Beacon beam towers are not loading in. If you skip all the way to “The Road” from the beginning of the game using any of the many methods people have found now the game will never load the Beacon towers. The Beacon Towers are technically part of the mission “The Sequence” however the game treats each of the four Beacon tower as their own missions and they will never load unless “The Sequence” loads properly first. I suspected this was the issue after i did my first speedrun on LASO and didn’t get the achievement. Looking at the map afterwards i noticed every main mission was marked as complete but the Beacon towers were oddly missing from the map entirely they weren’t marked at all. I went to the Beacon towers to see if i could trigger anything and noticed some weird stuff, basically each tower looked like they weren’t loaded in completely, they were missing their front doors, AI podiums underneath that The weapon stands on and no enemy encounters at all just completely empty around the towers. So long story short after seeing this i decided to start a new LASO run and still use skips but instead of skipping straight from the beginning of the game to “The Road” i played through the game like normal for the most part still using per level skips until i got to “The Sequence” and the towers showed up on my map. Once i got to this point i did the Jackal teleport method to skip to “The Road” and then beat the game, once i beat the game i still didn’t get my achievement but this time the Beacon Towers were marked on my map and they weren’t complete. Sure enough upon going up to each tower everything loads as if i was at that point in the game, enemies, dialogue, cinematics all of it loads in, when pausing the mission title even briefly switch to “The Sequence” until completing the tower objectives and finishing the cutscene all dialogue then the mission title goes back to “Finish the fight”. Once i completed all four towers sure enough my achievement for Headmaster poped! You can do the Beacon towers in either order before or after you skip to “The Road” but either way you have to load the Beacon towers in by getting to “The sequence” before you can skip to “The Road”.

Now with that explained and out of the way here’s my guide of how to speedrun the Headmaster achievement.

Mission 1 Warship: Do the door skip around the beginning that loads in the end of the mission. At some point pick up a rocket launcher you’ll want this until you get the tank gun in mission 3. Done in 5 minutes.

Mission 2 Recovery: One of the only missions without many skips, however you can just grapple over and around the majority of this level without enemies even noticing and the areas where you do need to fight you can just use rockets at distance to clear enemies.

Mission 3 Outpost: Immediately go hit all 3 buttons to do the airstrike easter egg and grab the tank gun.

Mission 4 Tower: No skips here besides just having tank gun. Pick enemies off from a distance outside tower, make sure you have full shield before boss fight or you won’t get checkpoint.

Mission 5 Excavation site: Skip the entire level by doing the lazer invincibility skip and going straight down the tunnel to the start of the next level.

Mission 6 Conservatory: Same thing as mission 2 not many skips just grapple over and around enemies and use tank gun. There are some skips little skips but this mission is really easy to just beat with tank gun and run.

Mission 7 Spire: Instead of going straight down the road to the spire immediately go left climb the mountain and go around to the backside of the spire and enter it that way. Doing this the only enemies you will have to fight are the Hunters and maybe 1 sniper to get into the spire. Boss fight is stupid easy like 3 tank shots.

Mission 8 Pelican down: Ignore the giant elevators and just grapple up the mount in an era with little to no enemies. The first AA gun on the top left you can just grapple right into the doors on top are open. Other two AA guns have switches so just tank gun from a distance. Bosses are pretty easy and you only need to kill them to trigger the mission to end so just tank gun the bosses.

Mission 9 The Sequence: Once you’ve made it here you’re just about done. Go to the spire door to activate the Beacon tower objectives and extended the bridge. You can choose to either do the Beacon towers now or after you beat the game. From this point you can now do the Jackal teleport skip by the Horn of Abolition to skip to "The Road.

Mission 13 The Road: Run and grapple along the far right side of the map doing this should have you avoid all enemies except for one 1 sniper and 1 shade turret. Make your way to the house skip everything.

Mission 14 The House: Do the grapple pound skips to skip all enemies, fight Jega, fight Escharum, done.

Mission 15 The Silent Auditorium: Not many skips but pretty easy to get through once again just graple around most areas and fight the areas you need too.

Beacon towers: If you didn’t do the Beacon towers at first now after you beat the game you just have to go clean up the 4 beacon towers and then you’re all done and your achievement(s) will pop.

Pro tip. Always punch to get your shields back after progressing a lot. You won’t get a checkpoint until your shield is fully charged.

That’s all there is too it, can easily be done in a couple hours. This will work with any of the campaign completion achievements not just Headmaster.

Good luck!


Great guide! It’s been very helpful so far.

With The Sequence, do I do The Horn of Abolition skip after doing the fourth Beacon or do I need to go back to the Command Spire?

I tried the skip after completing the four Beacons. I got it to “work,” but it never started The Road for me. And entering the Command Spire is the point of no return. Didn’t take too long to get caught back up. Thanks again for the guide!

I tried looking to see if they disabled the achievement for using the tank gun by now or anytime soon. anyone lmk thx

I haven’t seen any mention or plans of disabling Achievements with the tank gun.