how to Specializations?

so it is 11-21-12 as of posting and i dont see any Specializations on my account other than the 2 that the game came with. it seed that i should check my e-mail for the code for them but it is not there and i am worried because i am lvl 69
(teehee :P). i dont understand why it didnt come as something that would just be released to every one kind of how they do spartan ops. how they can just update the game and give every one week 1-2-3 and so on. so why couldn’t they just update the game for every one that has played it and give them the Specializations because what about the people that have lost there e-mail that they used to sign up with for xbl 10 years ago. what about thows people. im just saying the Specializations was a great idea just they way they executed it was very piss poor. i feel like they knew that would happen and wanted to toy with people and say yea you can have extra game but do you have the email you had 10 years ago? o no then -Yoink- you you cant get them you will have to wait 3 months at level 70 and probably have to pay 20$ for them latter even thow they were promised to you but because you dont have that email you screwed your self over. wtf was 343 thinking when they came up with that idea

sorry for the above i was going off on a rant but im still going to post it because i think its a matter that should have something dun about it.

Try contacting your retailer to see if they can give you the code, assuming you still have your receipt.

343 has to email millions of people and you expect to get your email right as the clock strikes midnight or something? lol

They’ve specifically said that between the 21st of November and December 1st, you’ll receive your email.

wait soo they gotta email to us? and what email? oh halowaypoint or xbox 360 msg??

Does any one really know or are people just going off of what they heard from other people?