How to significantly improve customization without much effort

  • Helmet
  • Helmet attachment(Side note, please make the Season 8 Hood available on all H3 helmets with a caped option.)
  • Visor
  • Armour Effect
  • Chest
  • Right Shoulder
  • Left Shoulder
  • Right Arm
  • Left Arm
  • Right Hand
  • Left Hand
  • Waist
  • Right Leg
  • Left Leg
  • Right Foot
  • Left Foot
  • Techsuit: Woodland, Snow, Desert and Digital camo versions of Gen2, Flood Mass techsuit which makes it look like player is being engulfed(force equip on Infected in Infection), Cortana/Rampancy(makes it look like player’s body is an A.I. with the animated scrolling lights like Cortana.
  • Back Accessory

If I may also add, the Cortana capsule for Reach from the campaign as a ‘utility’ option would be great. Been asking for this for a while now.


what they need to do is replace Halo 3’s Multiplayer Mark VI in the new visuals with the H2A Campaign model, and remake all the legacy Mark VI attachments to match the new resolution.

immediately all the complaints people have with the Halo Online and Fractures armor in the new visuals would disappear, as the models would all be the same level of quality.

The simplest thing to do would be to make it easier to earn “Spartan Points” from the challenges (God I wish they would just call them “Halo Points.” There’s no need to be so prejudiced against Elites).

Anyways, I know that there are 6 “Gold” challenges that currently earn 1 season point per completion, and an addition 7 “Blue” challenges that earn a variety of experience points. This applies to both PvP and PvE.

We can keep the amount of exp. the same, but make it so that all of the “Gold” challenges earn 2 points and all of the “Blue” challenges earn 1 point. It’s a very small change, but it all adds up, allowing players to earn a total from 12 points all the way up to 38 points a week. That would incredibly player friendly.

There are a couple of other underappreciated features that I feel like 343 could implement that would also be player friendly.

First, campaign completion exp. Before we had the official challenge system, players could earn exp. just by completing the campaign. For difficulty scaling, I’d like to suggest 25K for Easy, 50K for Normal, 100K for Heroic, 200K for Legendary, and 400K for Legendary All Scoring Skulls On. I feel like that’s a fair scaling for exp. earned to difficulty.

Another small thing that 343 could also upgrade are the forge budgets. Admittedly I’m not a huge forger and I’ve only played around a little. But with MCC coming onto PC, as well as the Xbox Series X/S, I feel like the new hard can handle a lot more objects on all of the maps than the Xbox 360 can handle for which these games were designed for.

I understand that 343 has done that in some aspects, notably with Halo Reach’s budget going from 10K in the original version to 30K in MCC. But I think the next step should be to allow for an unlimited budget for all of the maps in MCC. Or at the very least, give their respective budgets a 100% increase. This would greatly improve flexibility in Forge mode.

One more thing they could also do for Forge is make it so that all of the assets in the campaigns are accessible, and make it so that players could do things in Forge that they couldn’t do in Campaign. I’m talking, for example. drivable Pelicans, Phantoms, Shadows from Halo 2, etc. We’ve seen they can do stuff like this with the Seraph from Halo Reach.

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The forge budget is fine, the main issue is that there is a hidden max item count that was not increased from the 360 era. Even with an infinite budget there is no way past the hard cap (it’s around 400-500 objects including respawn points). I’m pretty sure this limitation is an engine/memory issue and wouldn’t be a simple fix.

I see, I hadn’t realized there was an object limit. Thanks for letting me know.