How to shoot guide

Need help to “git gud” with your shot?

I’m going to put out some threads to help with that!

I’ll start with the Big 3- the AR, BR, and Sidekick. These are the 3 most important guns to master first as they are what you spawn with and are desirable guns to seize in any mode you don’t spawn with them.

AR: Aim at your target’s center of mass before firing. The center of mass is just slightly above their waist. Aiming for this region maximizes your hit probability. Shoot them full auto in this manner until their shield pops. At this point pump the trigger while adjusting your aim a little higher (upper chest region) allowing the bloom to dial back then continue shooting to finish the kill.

BR: Aim for the center of mass and begin firing. No other adjustments needed besides staying on target. Notice the natural recoil of the weapon; it drifts upwards each burst then auto resets. Let it naturally bounce up to give you the headshot after a few bursts. No need to aim at the head manually.

Sidekick: Aim for the center of mass and fire as rapidly as possible. When you only have 2 or 3 bullets left, pump the trigger and manually aim at the head then take a few careful shots.

I discovered these are the optimal firing routines for these guns after running a lot of academy weapon drills.