How to select a specific unit abilty with the pad


I must have missed it in the tutorials missions but on pc you can scroll through your unity abilities very easly with the mouse wheel when you have more than 1 unit selected that have abilities available.

But i can’t find this same feature when playing with the PAD on xbox one :frowning:


Anyway to do this like on pc?

Do you mean like unit cycling, so that when controlling multiple unit types - Marines, Scorpions, and whatever - you can cycle through which unit type you have selected to use their specific ability?

It’s the right trigger. So select all/local units and then tap the right trigger to scroll through each unit group.

that exactly it, i manage to select all/local units but didn’t see that if i keep tap on the right trigger i will scrool through each unit group.

Will check this as it could help a lot to launch a special ability while in the rush without having to select the specific unit we want to use with the pad.