How to save Halo.

Hi. I guess if you’re reading this then I made a successful clickbait title. Anyway, Halo is falling. Well, at least that’s what people are saying. But, there’s a way to save it, and it involves one keyword. FORGE. Forge is the answer to the question on how to save Halo 5. And the bad thing is, 343i and Microsoft don’t utilise it’s potentials.

First of all, Forge is so much important for Halo I don’t think that people are even realising it. It’s one of the best tools for player made content, which is a great selling point for the game btw. (just think about the success of Gmod and mods for Half Life and CS). People love making content that they can show to others, which also makes people stay with the game, as they won’t be bored so quickly with it, with just 1 or 2 types of game. This is how games like Gmod and Little Big Planet succeeded, because the game developers don’t have to struggle with making new content, because people love to play player-made content, and people love to make player-made content.

I don’t understand really why isn’t 343i and Microsoft utilising this option. How they are not utilising it? Well, there’s no browser for Forge mods/servers in the game, you have to find them online for yourself, which makes it too hard to share people’s creations and so “forgers” don’t really want to forge anymore. What forge needs, is a well-made browser, maybe a way to turn it into a server browser with the creators hosting servers, so people can just join in and have fun on player-made content, which would make people stick with Halo 5 instead just -Yoinking!- off to some other game because they’ve been burned out on it.

Anyway, if you don’t understand what I’m rambling about or just it’s too long for you, check out this video by BDobbinsFTW (also a very good youtuber, he’s honest about what he’s saying and isn’t afraid to say what he needs to). It’s here:

So, with that I invite you to discussion on this topic, and let’s make someone from 343i read it, so they can realise how much they are losing on without Forge.

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And I’ve seen this multiple times. This isn’t really how to save halo it’s just a way to bandage a wound.

Save Halo?

The changes brought with Halo 5 are what brought me back to Halo.

Forge is amazing now. I’ve seen some very impressive maps that look like something that could’ve been made through Valve’s hammer editor back in the early 2000’s. 343i needs to start utilizing forge maps in matchmaking more, and Halo 6 needs to have Halo 5’s current forge. Then they could also add a few weapon variants to Forge so people can effectively create competitive / classic settings.

I believe the community is quick to point the finger in saying Halo is “dying” and needs “saving”. IMO, Halo 5 made many improvements that have brought many fans back after the rocky MCC and Halo 4.

But is Halo on the decline? Yes–at the moment–but I think Halo 5 is a step in the right direction. Halo is far from dying out completely.

Also, think the problem is that everyone on the forums has their image of “Halo”, and these “Halos” often have major differences. 343 cannot cater to everyone. When they do listen to a group of fans, they aren’t listening to the opposite group. 343 has the task of picking through the criticisms to see which have to most merit. Many things from Halo 4 have been removed (loadouts, abilities, ordinance) and many features have been added (ranking, competitve arena, social playlists). Many of these things were asked for, and they have listened. We need to be patient.

The new forge in Halo 5 is the best to date. Forge should not be of anybody’s concern right now.

Halo evolved. Like it needed to.
I love it. Most fun I’ve had in Halo in a long -Yoink- time.
Pisses me off yes.

H5 is like a -Yoink- girlfriend. Don’t always want her. But shes there when ya need her.
Relating to servers.

Alright, the reason why I said “Save Halo” is because more people will stick to that, rather than “how to improve halo”. I think that Halo’s doing well, and I understand you.