How to restore rank and stats with xbox live?

I just signed-up for xbox live, and when I launched Halo Reach, I was required to either go online and lose the 305000 credits I earned, or proceed with the default spartan. In either case, I will lose my rank (from major to sgt or rec respectively), and achievements/stats. I spent 1.5 hours with xbox support, and they asked me to proceed with the “go online” option, which meant I lost everything. They then told me they exhausted the trouble-shooting steps, and referred me to this forum for help.

Would appreciate any advice on how to reinstate my rank and stats.


My friends and I went through the demotion when we joined Xbox Live. We looked online at the time, but couldn’t find anything about it.

That said, I think my friend got a lot of his Cr back though, because the armor he purchased at a higher rank was sold back to him. I cannot confirm this though because we didn’t take a baseline before accepting the demotion.


I didn’t enjoy it either, but you earn more credits online anyway. Already ran out of things to buy.

4 million more credits and I will finally hit max rank. If I take it nice and slow that’s about 4 months away

You can’t get your rank & armour back, when you choose to join Xbox LIVE, you have to forfeit those credits and start from a low rank.

It is a fail safe to prevent hackers from modifying their cR values and bringing the account online at a high rank.