How to restart a dead company.


So iv been in the Spartanz company for roughly two and a half years now. In the beginning it was good, everyone was on target and in route to obtain the Achilles armor. In which case was a beyond approach mission success. But on the other hand most of the upper crust of the company had already unlocked their Achilles helmet. Due to them having been all together is some lower company prior to creating Spartanz. Enter my plot I want this helmet without leaving a company I helped build how would I go about doing it?

Unfortunately it’s really hard to revive a dead company without a lot of effort from the company leadership. The leadership would need to go through and remove inactive players to make room for new members, then they would need to monitor everyone’s activity on a regular basis to prevent the company from going inactive again. Your best bet is to leave the company and join an active one that is well on the way to the helmet.

I didn’t want to leave my first company after we unlocked the armor, but it was necessary. The company went dead. Since leaving my first company I joined another one and helped them unlock the helmet, then I started a new company and went all the way through it again. The first company I left still hasn’t unlocked the helmet all these years later. It’s unfortunate, but your best bet is probably to just jump ship