How to resolve store and customization woes

Here are what I consider to be the bare minimum changes that need to be made to the store and customization in Infinite to make the community happy.

Store –

While I’m glad to see changes being made to the store, I can’t help but feel like they are a band-aid on a bigger issue. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is 343 either trying to see what they can get away with or dragging their feet as they work on more substantial change.
Here is what I think needs to happen to create a shop that the community will accept while still being good enough to bring in a lot of money for 343/Microsoft.

  • Sell everything individually. Being forced to purchase a bunch of stuff you don’t want in a bundle for high prices isn’t great and scares many of us away from making a purchase in the store. If items were instead sold individually, I feel like more people would engage in the store and be willing to make a purchase.

  • Bundles should be deals rather than a scam. You can still have rotating bundles in the shop but they should be made up of items you can still buy individually for a slightly cheaper price than if you were to buy them all separately. This means you can still have something worthwhile rotating in and out of the shop without it feeling incredibly FOMO like it is now.

  • FOMO needs to go and cosmetics should be permanently available at all times in the store. Like I said previously bundle deals should act as the thing rotating in and out instead of individual cosmetics. This will help to remove the FOMO with the current store where we are having to wait months for a bundle to rotate in. People should be able to buy what they want when they want.

While these changes are large, they solve the major issues the community has without 343/Microsoft sacrificing too much. (in some cases I think they would honestly make more from this)

Credits –

Recently it was confirmed that we will be getting credits within the S2 battle pass and while that is a good start there are a lot of things that could go wrong and ruin any goodwill 343 could get from it.
Here is what I think needs to be done to make the community happy without going overboard as at the end of the day this is a premium currency we are talking about.

  • The credits earned in the S2 battle pass needs to match other f2p games and provide enough credits for the next pass if someone has taken the time to complete it. In infinite’s case, this would mean it would have to be at least 1000cr. If less than this is given, I fear it will not solve the problem and will be another thing for people to complain about. The gaps between seasons are too large to mess about so 343 need to get this right for S2.

  • While getting credits in the battle pass is nice it isn’t a free way to obtain them and is a limited supply running out once the pass is complete. Because of this I strongly recommend tying 100-200cr to the weekly ultimate reward. The current weekly rewards haven’t exactly gone over well (looking at you sacrifice emblem) so Including some credits will incentivise people to play and earn the weeklies even if the main reward isn’t desirable to them. While 100-200cr may seem like a lot it isn’t considering it would take 5-10 weeks for someone to save up 1000cr. This game is losing players fast and there needs to be good motivation for people to come on and play.

I get you don’t want to make it too easy for people to earn credits without paying but I feel like this is the best way to balance it out for the community.

Customization –

This is the area that unfortunately requires the most change but is necessary for it to become the best customization system in the franchise. If these changes that I’m going to recommend aren’t made to some degree soon I feel like it will hurt the game for the rest of its lifespan.

  • Cross core is arguably one of the most requested features to come to the game and for good reason. It currently is blocking a ton of potential when it comes to customization and results in the cosmetics, we unlock through the battle pass and store feeling less worthwhile due to how restricted they are. Cross core NEEDS to happen for AT LEAST MK 5 (b) and MK 7 cores. While I would also like to see cross core come to themed cores like Yoroi I understand that would take a considerable amount of work to do so for now I think you should just tackle those two cores as quickly as possible. Coatings also need to be cross core as we already know they work on every core but are just being withheld from us so you can sell us them multiple times and give the illusion of bundles having more to offer.

  • Coatings need to apply to chest pieces. I’m still baffled this isn’t a thing in the game but coatings do not apply to chest pieces forcing every chest piece to be grey or black regardless of the coating. This results in a lot of coatings looking bad if you use popular chest pieces that cover a substantial amount of the body like Vauntlock. Such a massive oversight like this disappoints me especially considering how heavily monetized many of the coatings are. This is probably the laziest feeling thing in Infinite and shows how little care was put into the coatings created. 343 needs to convince people why the coating system is a good replacement from being able to choose their own and this isn’t how you do it.

  • Kits are pretty much useless and only serve to needlessly restrict the HCS cosmetics. None of the kits you unlock in the S1 Battle Pass have anything unique to them compared to if you were to put those pieces together yourself so why does it even exist? I think the best thing to do now would be to turn the kit system into a way to save spartan designs and quickly swap between them like presets. This would give kits an actual use in the game and give the community a feature they have been wanting for a while now.

  • 343 needs to put more effort into making the things sold in the store feel like they belong there. Basic colour coatings should not be sold in the store. Selling the colours blue and red just makes you guys look incredibly greedy and does not convince people that the coating system is a worthwhile change. The coatings sold in the store should showcase the full potential of what is possible with the system otherwise people will continue to ask for basic colour customization back instead.

  • Coatings, skins and emblems should no longer be split up since there is little need and just acts as filler. Coatings should apply to all cores, skins should apply to everything within a category (all weapons or all vehicles etc instead of individual) and emblems are the worst offender here having no reason for being split up at all. All of this was done not to benefit the community but to create more filler and sell us the same things multiple times. This needs to change going forward.

That’s about it for my feedback regarding the store and customization. I get this is very long and I doubt anyone will read this far but if you have then thank you. We all want this game to be the best it can be and it’s a shame to see 343 once again stumbling and not learning from their past mistakes. Hopefully, they can turn it around in time.