How To Report Someone on Xbox Live(Guide)

Hello this is a guide to show you how to report someone on Xbox Live.
Please remember that posting their Gamertags is against the rules.

> Reasons To Report Someone
> Profile: The player’s gamertag, personal picture, or personal information contains inappropriate material.
> Text and Voice Communications: The player used vulgar, hateful, harassing, or threatening language in voice or text communications.
> Video Communications: The player was vulgar, hateful, harassing, or threatening in video communications.
> Tampering: The player tampered with a game, an Xbox 360 console, Xbox LIVE, or the feedback system.

The most regular reports among Halo 4 players would be Tampering and Video Communications.

now if you want to report someone go to their profile select File Complaint and choose one of the option that were stated above and that’s it.

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