How to Report Players

Call me old fashioned but shouldn’t reporting people I think are cheating be an option in game?

I am having trouble reporting people I suspect of cheating.

BTB Area Slayer: Bazaar and his name was Cheba.

He was using wall hacks and could hit peoples heads without actually aiming near them. All of his kills were headshots.

He is level 100 and if people could report in game, maybe, just maybe 343 could have found the person. But now, he will go on to terrorize others.

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As far as I know, there is no report button inside the game itself. Instead, you must go to the player’s name and then go to their Gamercard on Xbox or Steam account or whatever on PC and report them there. I’m not sure how effective that is on PC and to be honest… I’m not quite sure how effective reporting on Xbox is either.

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it is literally the most obnoxious system for reporting cheaters i have ever seen, they might as well ask us to get a camcorder and record video on old VHS and send them the tape via USPS

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