How to report players shouting racial slurs

do they just keep going at it, forcing everyone to mute them every game?

Ive had that before but i couldnt mute them

You should be able to report them to Xbox/Microsoft. I’d imagine overtly racial slurs would earn the user a pretty swift ban.

If you want to report a specific user, you’ll need to remember their gamertag and go to the “Recently met” section of the Xbox One dashboard (it should be in the same section as your friend list). Then just select the offending player’s gamertag, click Report and select the specific offense you want to report (i.e. racism).

You can report misconduct via their xbox live profile, the game bar, or the support site. Muting/blocking can still be done in the interim.

You could just go to the audio settings and turn off the ability to hear anyone in that session.