How to Report a Toxic Player

I was playing a game of MCC on PC, and ran into a player on the opposing team repeatedly team killing and being otherwise toxic. They proceeded to kick other player on their team, by their own admission, and when prompted said “I just don’t like your clan name.”

The issue comes up that I have no way to report them. No in-game system exists for reporting, and the Xbox App does not allow me to report them. Upon searching their name in the friends tab, the app invariably freezes up and crashes, without fail. When attempting to update the app, no such option existed within the options. Attempting to redownload the app as a whole was met with a prompt to update Windows 10, something I am incapable of doing (as a result of restriction, not skill). Finally, going to the actual account on website and attempting to report the player just redirects you to the Xbox help page for reporting, which only offers support if you are playing on an Xbox console.

How am I expected to handle this situation? Every step I could possible have taken has been met with a brick wall. Anyone have any ideas? Could a 343 dev raise this as important for the next update? Quick responses to toxic players will result in quicker expulsion of those players from matchmaking games.

Thanks in advance.

TL;DR I can’t report a player, all options are inaccessible. How do I prevent toxicity in this case?

I sympathize with this. It’s never fun. If you do a YouTube search for ‘How to Report Toxic Players for Halo MCC on PC’ that videos gives 2 methods. I have no clue if these are still functional, but give 'em a shot.

Assuming you’re on windows 10, you can press WIN+G to bring up the Xbox Live overlay. Search for the player, and report them through there. There definitely needs to be an easier way though.

The easiest way I have found lol

Open XBOX Companion App
there is a drop-down option next to Friends
Set to Recent Players
Find the offending player
Go to the profile
Click ‘More’