How to redeem Halo infinite rockstar promotion cans from Amazon?

So I am familiar with redeeming can tab codes on the normal cans. But how does the Amazon order work for the Amazon bundle on the rockstar promo site for infinite, and might as well ask how does the Circle K work as well to get it for the circle K bundle?

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For Amazon, when you purchase a case of Halo edition Rockstars you’ll get an email receipt. In that receipt there will be a code to input. As for the Circle K one, you have to go to a Circle K and hope they have Halo Rockstars. I have had no such luck in actually finding any at any Circle K’s I visit, but supposedly when you buy a Halo Rockstar a code will be on the receipt.

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Ok thanks as I did order one from amazon but didn’t see any code in my email receipt for the halo infinite blackberry 12 cans pack. Unless I am looking in the wrong spot for it.

@LeeryUncles when I ordered my halo rockstar cans from Amazon, the codes were under each tab of the cans

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Oh each tab from cans are from amazon from ordering there? That for the amazon bundle right?

There’s a unique code that should have been emailed when the item shipped from Amazon. I didn’t get the email when I ordered mine and I had to contact Amazon customer support.

I’ve had no luck with Circle K after 2 tries. Not sure where I’m going wrong though.

I’ve seen some of you guys mention an Amazon bundle. Is that like a separate code for something else apart from the energy drink codes? The only codes I know of were the ones on the cans

When I ordered my first case from Amazon, I got the code emailed to me a few days after it was delivered. Code was for 36 challenge swaps. Will probably buy more cases from Amazon as 36 challenge swaps is extremely good!

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