how to rank up fast

ok so i get on halo and wont to rank up. this is how you do it fast. you play grifball. get a team of 4. the frist round dont score. the second round score with 30 seconds left. third round dont score. you should get a lot a xp

how to spawn kill in grifball. get a team of 4 . try to get to there base with out dying and make shore you have the ball. you stand next to the goal. one person on each side. then one person on each end and your golden

how long does max rank take in halo reach. well about a year or less if your good. try to get 60,000 to 80,000 a day. you need 20,000,000 to get max. if you get 60k xp a day for month you get 2millon xp it will take you 10 months to get max rank

best way to play halo is with friends

halo reach is my favorite halo. whats yours

master chief is the best. do you think he is

Spawn killing is incredibly immature and detrimental to the Grifball community. What if someone is trying to keep their K/D positive, and you kill them off spawn 80 times, and it drop to the negatives? That’s extremely selfish, and you should be ashamed.