How to purchase REQ packs?

I get how to purchase REQ packs in game or on the website, but I set up my account nearly six years ago, when I didn’t realize I was gonna be screwed over for putting my real birthdate on there. So now I’m a 17 year old guy who’s screwed over from purchasing any REQ packs because I’m on a teen account. Does anyone know how I could go around this? The game is T to start with, but still won’t let me make any purchase to do with it, which sucks. And though I’ve changed the permissions to allow purchases and whatnot, it still won’t let me. Any advice?

you have to get a parent to make an account and then have them authorize you, I believe

You could visit Xbox support and chat with an MS representative. I had a similar problem a few months ago, not being able to buy and download games digitally. They simply ‘graduated’ my account and everything was fine after that.