How to provide Genuine Feedback. Are you?

When you see or look for a thread that mentions some sort of Community Feedback that somehow relates to one or several game aspects mentioned in said title; are you a positive and Helpful source?

Are you biased about other things making all future feedback negative or missplaced within the thread you proceed to contribute too? Are you a sensible person or maybe trying to blatantly provoke mayhem?

Do you honestly feel that if they do exactly as you have told them what is needed and implement this into the game that the majority of players will have a better experience for the long-term?

I’m not saying anyone is wrong to voice any certain opinion but do you feel like what you write is real Feedback to be taken or is it just a some way of formally voicing whether you support it, not thinking or even understanding what the big picture is and what has or does happen that makes it tick and what it doesn’t have for a specific tech reason, not just to make these certain people mad.

Anyone that wants to share your opinion on this please share. Anyone of the Monitors please take the time to explain what the difference is between Positive and Helpful Feedback as well a great example of what some may think is positive feedback but in reality may just have no real fruit to take from the comment, just a positive opinion because maybe they misunderstood or lack the knowledge of specific key things within the trade.

This is not meant to create a debate. This is meant to bring awareness to all who participate with any kind of Feedback thread(s). Please let us know how we can be a better voice that moves forward.

Thank you for spending your time here.

We don’t really need this kind of thread. Especially since Dr Menke already gave tips.