How to protect my halo/ xbox account?

I think that in the near future someone in my family will be trying to delete my account.

are accounts connected to the xbox? like if my xbox was destroyed aswell as my halo disc will i still be able to access my account on a different Xbox?
How can you protect your account from being deleted from your xbox?

Can you recover your account if it has been deleted?

Sorry if this is kind of a nooby question, im an expert on halo but not so much on accounts etc.

Your xbox live account is saved by Microsoft. Everytime your console connects to the internet, your current gamerscore, saved games and profile info is uploaded. All you have to do on a new xbox, or your old one if your stuff gets deleted, is recover gamertag, it’ll ask you for your email address, then your microsoft password. Then it downloads everything back onto your hard drive.