How to pretty much get unlimited double XP throughout the battle pass

Ok so if you haven’t already realised XP boosts are kind of busted and this is mainly due to how many 343 shoves in the battle passes (how about you give us actual cosmetics instead) meaning you gain XP boosts pretty much as fast as you would use them.

I had 30 XP boosts coming out of S1 (didn’t use them much) and by the end of the S2 battle pass I still have 26. This was all while I was using double XP boosts daily for the challenge resets and ultimate meaning there wasn’t many situations where I was earning XP that wasn’t doubled by a boost and it came at no cost or downside to me.

To be the most optimal with this I recommend using bot arena when possible (especially for the daily challenges) as those are the games you will get through the fastest leading to more XP. I’d also recommend trying to line up the 400 XP ultimate challenge with a daily reset if possible as well to save you a boost.

There are further self explanatory ways you can further optimize this but you probably get the gist. If you are impatient I implore you to not waste money to level up in the pass but instead do something like this. It will take about a month using this method.

I think we will see changes to XP boosts going forward as this probably wasn’t what 343 intended just a side effect of them struggling to make a 100 tier pass :sweat_smile: . I’d also like to bring up that this is the only progression we will see for the next 6 months so it is perfectly fine to not want to rush it. I’m just putting this out there to prevent people feeling the need to pay unnecessary money.

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