How to prepare for Halo 4!

Sorry for the many errors,slurring and not deeply analysed commentary D:

This is my plan:

I don’t have class that day, so -Yoink!- yes! I am going to get home from class on monday, and I will gather several bags of Doritos and such. I will go to sleep at 6, and wake up at 10. I will then get to my local gamestop by 10:30, and I will be first in line >:D I will bring either my 3DS w/ Pokemon Black 2, or my PSPgo loaded with Patapon 3 (so addicting). I will pass the time like that unless there are mini “tournaments”. I will be first to get mah Halo 4 to avoid any possibility of all copies being taken. Once I get that, I will run home, and put it in my xbox with the TV already on, and the xbox disk slot empty and open. I will then play from when I get it to 1 hour before my Wednesday classes start.

I know, I am a geek ;P.