How to play Halo 4(360) Spartan Ops on Xbox One

I have been playing through Halo 4(360 version) on Xbox One via backwards compatibility. I do not know how I am supposed to launch Spartan Ops, I’m trying to get some of the achievements which require the first 5 episodes abut i presently cannot figure out what I should do to unlock them. Looking at the episodes, they just have a lock over them.
I think it could be any number of things.
1, Spartan Ops Episodes 1-5 came on Disc 2 of Halo 4, I have that but when I put it into the Xbox One it spits out that it inst on the list of backwards compatible games, which is odd seeing that Halo 4 is and strange cos similar titles like Halo 3 ODST’s multiplayer disc is allowed and works on Xbox One.
2. The problems with the servers of the 360 Halo games means I cannot launch Spartan Ops even if I play solo, I don’t think this is the case and lean towards 1. much more. I have all of the required files needed to play through the games, ie all the dlc.

Has anyone come across this issue before? Is there a solution that isn’t digging up a Xbox 360 so that the backwards compatible issue can be removed?

The xbox one plays everything on disc 1 without issues, you do not need disc 2 for anything. I was playing it myself up until 25th July with no issues.

As of 26th July the servers for Halo 4 are down, so campaign only until it is resolved. We are hoping at the moment that the Halo infinite Flight is what caused it and that they will be back on after 1st August but there has been no confirmation to date so just have to submit a ticket and hope they come back on as soon as possible.

Damn, I started a week too late then, cheers.