How To No Clip?


I played a game in ranked today and a team mate was telling us exactly where the opponents were.
We were playing ranked oddball on Streets and from spawn he just stood in PD and said he could see them through the walls.

He kept calling out where the opponent were moving the entire match and we were able to win fairly smoothly. He said he was using a “no clip” tool he found online? Just wondering if anyone knows exactly what he was doing?

He said it helped him and some friends get to Onyx. Which I would like to do.

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Or… you could just report them for cheating.

And if you really want to get to Onyx - practice and do it properly. There would be no self satisfaction in getting there this way.

Very good.
How to report them?
Do you have helpful information on what was being done, or are you just making fun of my skill. lack there of?
He seemed like a friendly guy, and said as it stands they can’t be banned for using it?

yes do report them, im assuming they were on PC :joy: :clap: oh i bet. and please earn your rank through blood, sweat, tears and honest spartan training like the rest of us.

Couldn’t I also just quit or throw a lot of quick play matches and then drop my MMR to a low point tho, and then play ranked, so I can stat on silver and bronze level players to get an unrealistic Onyx number like Mint Blitz does?

oh man i really cant tell if you are trolling with these posts or being serious. but thats funny either way. please get your rank correctly. im sure the rest of us who do it correctly would appreciate it.

Look up Mint Blitz on halo tracker, look at game history, look at his most common team mates and their ranks.
If someone with his level of fanbase/ position within the halo community can do that. Its open season for the rest of us to be honest.

Still not sure if you are trolling.

I haven’t watched much of Mint Blitz - but at the very least he is a very, very, good player. And entertaining.

Throwing a bunch of matches may affect the shared data between MMRs - but it’s very unlikely going to allow you to rank up. The ranking system will adjust way too quickly. There are a bunch of players who manipulate the squad system to grind CSR- with smurfs and sandbagging accounts. But again. That’s cheating. Don’t do it.

Just earn it.

As for your wall hacking buddy. Report him. Via the link on waypoint.

They are a lowlife -yoink-. You don’t want to be one too.