How to move around in Halo editing kit/sapien

Hey everyone. I know this is kind of weird to ask as this is a Halo Custom Edition question. I got Sapien, the halo 1 map editor program to work. I can move around in it in the sense of moving forward, backward, and sideways, but I don’t know how to move upward or downward. Would appreciate the help. Thanks!

Ok, never mind. I managed to figure it out. I’ll leave this up here incase anyone else is trying to figure out Sapien in 2020.

Hold down the scroller of your mouse (aka mouse 3)
W- moves forward
S - moves backward
A - move to the left
D - move to the right
R- move up
F - move down
Mouse - look around/steer
SHIFT - increase speed

Here is a link to some general stuff you can do in Halo Custom Edition as well:

The controls are something the tutorials seem to not talk about so I hope this helps anyone!