How to mod PC Game Pass MCC in 2020?

A while ago 343 updated MCC Game Pass to allow you to run it without EAC, like the Steam version since launch. This is to allow game pass players to play with mods, finally.

My question is that the game files are still protected and can’t be moved or replaced. Is there a guide I missed which explains how game pass has allowed users to mod? Or do you still have to all the complicated tricks to install mods?

Okay so in case someone stumbles upon this in the future here’s an update.
The Xbox app was updated so you can enable mods right from the app. Beside the “Play” button on the game’s store page there’s a part of the button which is segmented and has 3 white dots on this.
Simply click that, enable mods, and then once enabled click it again to go to the mods folder and replace files to your heart’s content (at your own risk).
Hope this helps somebody.

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