How to make Your defiant map pack work.

Ive seen alot of people freaking out that the defiant map pack doesnt work. It didnt work for me or a couple of guys i met last night on the huge thread. Me and these guys got out code on the 118th page of that thread. and couldnt find the maps once we had the maps downloaded. what we all did was delete the noble map pack and just play without it. Sure enough it worked. Apparently the Noble map pack and the Defiant map pack dont get along nicely. Which leads me to believe their is going to be an update for this purpose and might come with a few secrets. New helmet?

You shouldn’t have to delete content to make it work. Frustrating… I have some friends that would like to play matchmaking with me (a full party) but I am the only one who can’t because I can’t install the Noble Maps (needed for the DLC playlist)

I just don’t get why it affects some users but not all.

Yea one of the guys i was playing with downloaded the defiant map pack and didnt have to bother doing anything it worked automatically. it sucks.

Also deleting the bonus content makes it work, so you can have both map packs at once. It’s just a bug and is being worked on.

I’m a derp, and this originally said downloading, I meant deleting, I don’t know what is wrong with me, but the driver of the short bus said I’m special, where as everyone else is normal.

well that’s good news, thanks!