How to make Warzone A.I. more engaging!

One of the coolest specific differences I noticed when going from League of Legends to Heroes of the Storm was that the A.I. you killed didn’t just give you points (gold and exp) but instead started fighting for your team. Say I kill a Bruiser Camp or a Boss (about equivalent to a Soldier Guard and Captain Wamik in Halo), they start to push for the other teams core and the other team will have to deal with it.

I’m not saying they should necessarily change how Warzone is played as of now, but maybe they could add a third game mode that was different in this regard. The maps would be structured for this change etc.

What do you guys think? My opinion is that A.I becomes a lot more interesting and dynamic. All A.I would be more engaging and also more participating during games.

Say the other team kills a simple soldier guard on the other side of the map. As of now, all you notice is a points change and the announcer telling you. With this new feature, the other team killing a soldier guard would capture your attention and it would be a problem that your team would have to deal with since otherwise it would move towards your core.

id find that pretty interesting since stealing bosses and other ai would be a more valid strategy, it could be cool to have your team push core with a soldier guard or something, ofc things would have to change like making the core harder to kill. etc.

Exactly, and also after listening to BDOBBINSFTW’s review and kind of agreeing with him on just the point of it always being more fun to use your fresh Scorpion to kill spartan enemies instead of going for a boss and getting your Scorpion half destroyed for it; I feel this change would possibly make it more interesting to have A.I. and engage A.I.