How to make this game last? How Can it be the best Halo there ever Was?

We all appreciate the time that 343 have taken to make this game great, however with so many great games to choose from these days how can we make This Halo game relevant for years to come?..

I’m old enough to remember playing halo on the original Xbox, grinding through the last mission on Halo 3 on Legendary, and hunting for achievements for days on end, and the reason why we spent so long playing these games were the rewards… Knowing that if you grind long enough you could rank up and unlock a helmet or a medal to show off in the pre-game lobby.

For me, Halo Reach was by far the best multiplayer experience, because it done all of these things so well, and this is what Halo Infinite is missing. For example, there’s no real way to tell if someone is a high rank or not, and there needs to be more emphasis for people to show off their Medals/Armour/Rank so everyone can view these in the pre game lobby. There’s no real ranking system apart from the battle pass. Another great example is COD when people used to be able to ‘Prestige’ and show off their rank in the lobby this is what kept people playing.

Based on this if it’s possible to action, 343 should consider:

  • Emphasis on Pre-game lobby:
    Being able to view other people’s armour
    Have a separate Rank that you can level up by, by just playing the game
    (We understand you need to make money) keep the battle pass separate for those who just want Extra
    skins etc.
    Be able to show what rank you need to be to unlock cosmetic items by just levelling up and playing the
    game well, and not just by the battle pass

Please look back to Halo Reach and see why this Progression system worked well, Battle pass’'s shouldn’t be
the normal venture now. It worked for Epic games, but I expect halo to be unique this is what made it great…