How to make the store more appealing

A common thing for me is that each bundle only ever has one thing that I want or have any interest in.

  • The odd ball charm in the 5 euro one
  • The white wasp (Which would really just make you more visible in a bad way) in the 10 euro one
  • The bumper in the 15 euro one
  • The mister chief AI model and maybe the charm in the 20 euro one
    If I could get these things for 1 euro - 1.50 each individually, I would. It would be 5 euro - 7.50 in total
    There should be a section of 5 - 6 individual items that cost 1 euro - 1.50 (this would be much more popular and most would buy)

Mister Chief is a fully voice acted model, he wouldnt be 1.50 just saying. I agree with your other pics though

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I think if they make a snowy map, a white wasp would actually blend in a bit.

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Do you actually get the AI or is it just the model?. There was a Cortana one last week. The actual AI may be an exception. I would pay 3.50 - 4 for a good AI

Oh, it is a new AI option. It shows up with the other 5 AIs if you want to check out its personality.

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Oh ok. I’m not paying 20 euro though. No cosmetic/AI bundle could ever be worth 20 euro

Make things available for free.

They said that there is more coming for people who don’t have the 10 euro BP. Free play players

Yeah actual AI with a color and voice acting

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