How to make the Halo game that mixes old and new

I thought of this just now, so pardon me if you don’t think it’ll work.

So, there are some who like the new movement mechanics, and some who like the old. You can’t please both audiences with either one, so why not make a game with a mix of both?

The campaign would be a constant change of character perspectives, like H2 and maybe H5. One character would have the classic movement, while the other has the new movement mechanics. There can be many ways to explain this mix. For example, the story in the campaign could be linked between past and present, the past focusing on a Spartan II or III during the Covenant War, and the present focusing on a Spartan IV, both stories being linked somehow. Maybe the Spartan IV could discover something the Spartan II had to deal with. That, in my opinion, would be the most ideal story for this kind of campaign.

The multiplayer would have two sections: One titled ‘Classic’ and the other ‘Enhanced.’ Each section would have about the same playlists. Each would have their exclusives, such as invasion only being available in the classic section and breakout in the enhanced section. The classic section also might be more casual than the enhanced section, but still have its ranked playlists.

Forge would be similar to the Super Mario Maker system, where both styles of gameplay share the same Forge, but with the ability to toggle between each one. Each style would also get exclusive items, classic getting single-use items such as power drain and bubble shield,(and maybe armor abilities) while enhanced gets those walls you can break through with Spartan abilities.

The only down side I can see with this idea is that it might be pretty hard to balance the weapon sandbox between each style of gameplay, but apart from that, what do you all think? Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!

Well, I don’t think its bad idea but the story would have to be good.

Feel free to dump this in the wishlist threads. :slight_smile: