How to make HCS more appealing to watch

I feel like HCS is not that exciting to watch like Halo 3 MLG was to watch and the reason why lies within the evolution of watching/casting high compeditiv fps games.

So how to I come to that statment?
When the HCS Kickoff Major Raleigh happend in december I was at home with my GF and 3 more friends. I am the only one to that point that is really into Halo and MLG/HCS. With that beeing said I must mention, that in my opinion the casting of major compeditiv events besides beeing a huge event for the Fans, is to attract new players. (at least that is how games are catching me) All these insane plays that happen durring the matches should trigger viewer to be like: “I can do that too, or I want to get in this because it looks insane.”

Instead it leavs unfamiliar viewers with a lot of question marks on their head. and the reason for that is that the viewers just have the view from the active casted player. No map Information, no respawn timers. That is totally fine for viewers that are familiar but not for those who are new to it.

So my recommendation is that for casting the viewers should see all players in their associated teamcolor trough the view of the casted player. (like it is in RB6S and CS:GO) have the map and the real time position of the players together with Power weapon and gadget respawn timer, like that they would have an overview on the match and a better understanding on what is happening.
Also I would recommend that the overlay should be reworked. The match score is not so important and interessting durring the game, showing it while switching scenes or while loading or waiting time between matches is totally fine, doing so would leave more space for the informations mentioned above.

Let me know hat you think about it and if you have ideas to improve the viewer experience.

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You can’t. The people participating in it seem like the variety that suits this: “There isn’t a building large enough to contain my ego!”

I respectively disagree.

Halo competitively is simple to understand. Now if someone has no experience with any Halo title I think the biggest source of confusion would be the gametypes themselves. Slayer is extremely simple (hence why more casual fans like watching it, especially when its close) but things like Oddball or CTF are a bit odd if someone plays other games.

I would still say its a very simple game to understand though. Its 4v4 with varying modes, and theres nothing too crazy or complicated about the gameplay (metagame wise) to make it impossible for newer players to watch. I would probably say its a lot like CoD or CSGO, but maybe just slightly more complicated because of all the different gametypes.

The real issues (as I see it) is that Infinite in its current meta/format is not as fun or as entertaining as it should be.

What do I mean by this? I’m saying that the settings/gametypes themselves lend themselves to a lot of uninteresting outcomes and situations.

  1. Too many trades/not enough strong pickups. Everything always boils down to melees, this is because of weapons like the Mangler or the AR being pickups.
  2. Not enough gametypes (Extraction, King of The Hill, Assault, etc. not being here yet) so because of this its 2 Slayers and I personally think that Slayers are boring for the most part (with exception to tiebreakers) so it leads to games that are very ebb and flow without as much structure.

What do I think it needs to be better in terms of viewership? Well it always gets good viewership, but I do think it can improve, here is how I would improve it.

  1. Slayer should only be a tiebreaker gametype. No game 1 Slayers, if its bo3 make game 3 a Slayer, if its bo5 make game 5 Slayer, etc. It is insanely fun to watch a 49-49 game of Slayer decide who wins a tourney, not so much if its a game 1 or 2 in my opinion.
  2. They need to add in more gametypes. Best bet would be Extraction. Add a bit more variety in terms of what viewers see. This would not only make it more interesting (less predictable matchups/outcomes) but would increase skillgap.
  3. Remove Mangler. This weapon is too strong in its current form. Trivializes so many other weapons and just leads to zero sum games where people camp behind corners and go for cringe plays.
  4. Add in more maps. Especially symmetrical ones as those are lacking right now. Bazaar in particular is horrible to watch/play so the sooner you can replace this map the better I’d say.

That event was dope, it was intense back and forth Halo action as Golden Boy likes to put it.

Despite the random match resets, I think the event did just fine.

Can’t really say much, watched about 5 minutes, then muted the Tab in my browser so I could get some skin and pose unlock.
I am just not interested in eSports, never been, most likely never will be.

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Halo 5 was hype to watch because it felt fast and hard hitting. It used to be the main reason why I streamed the game because people would come and watch the movement. Now it’s just the same old boring Sprint and shoot like every other shooter out there. Nothing exciting.

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HCS can take a dump in its own mouth. Worst thing to happen to the franchise.


And yet HCS Raleigh was the most viewed Halo eSports event of all time, according to Tashi.

viewership doesn’t necessarily mean a game is superior competitively. Infinite is far more appealing to a wide swath of players (mix of old and new) but Halo 5 had a higher ceiling and was more exciting in terms of what players could do individually.

Infinite can (and should) improve settings wise, I mean Halo 5 was awful until maybe 2017 because of all the autos and the map selection and so on, just that Infinite has room for growth.

Numbers don’t really mean anything. I’m sure you noticed the various posts that explained this weird feeling with Halo infinite. It lacks drive. It lacks exciment. It lacks that sauce. Halo 5 had that sauce. When someone pulled off a really difficult move it looked it you were in the future. It looked technical. It looked like there was a lot of thought involved. And there was. Each step mattered.

Now it’s just 3 lame playstyles. The guy who Sprint slides everything. The guy who walks and the guy who uses both and probably some trick jumps and that’s it.
There’s not really any indivual playstyles any more. It’s just bland same ol Sprint and reload gameplay like you see in call of duty.

The game is also free and on PC which means there is a higher chance of people watching it ESSPICALLY if game related things exsist when you watch the game. Like you seen above a person just left the tab open.

HCS settings was the peak of Halo 5. I thought that is what they were going to improve on.

They need to reduce ctf to 3 caps. 5 is excessive. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a ctf go all the way to completion, and I watched every match in all 4 streams of Raleigh (in addition to all online tournaments besides Latin American streams, due to the language difference).

Totally disagree about H5 being more interesting to watch. Go to window, shoot magnum once or twice, thrust backwards into cover, repeat. Total snooze fest.

I agree with making it 3 caps. Also make odd ball one whole game. Not rounds. Over all the game needs to be sped up. Super slow.

Thrusting behind cover is only one use. There was many uses the thrust had. To say that means you didn’t watch much of it. Esspically when HCS settings was involved. Which arguably was the highlight of competitive Halo 5

I think oddball is fine as is. It’s just strange that strongholds and ctf are the only modes to have increased scores in ranked. What do these increased scores add? Nothing, in my opinion.

And you’re right, I didn’t watch much of H5’s esports because it was boring lol. I watched the HWC 2 years in a row but that’s about it. I love watching Infinite esports though. Now I just hope they never show tournament results on the home page again (what a ridiculously stupid decision).

Okay Guys now you are getting off topic, you are talking about how to improve HCS in general, but this here was about the viewer experiance and how to make it more appealing to new people that are not familiar with the game since events like that will draw attention of potential new players wich will increas the playerbase wich will result in a bit more money spend on BP and Shop which will bring us more content.
But the main thing is if HCS is going to blow up ans would be able to compete with RB6, CS GO we can be sure that we will se a good future for the franchise.

atleast that is what I hope since i fell in love with Halo when I first played when I freshly went 16. more than 10 years still going strong this love.