How to make Halo 5's campaign a little better.

1. Add character selection.
It bums me out than I can only play as Buck in a co-op. It’d be cool if I could select him as my character in single-player for Campaign Score Attack, or any other character for that matter… Tanaka, Vale, Locke. Each of the members of Blue Team when you get to play as them. You get the idea.

2. New REQ items.
I would love to have a way of getting all the new REQ items introduced in the updates into Campaign somehow… ONI Wasp, Hannibal Mantis, Phaeton Helios, Safeguard Sentinel Beam, Halo 2 Battle Rifle, Halo: Reach Grenade Launcher, Halo 1 Pistol, Brute Plasma Rifle, the Blood of Suban needle carbine variant… these are just a few toys I’d like to see in campaign.

Maybe introduce a loadout system to the campaign like in Halo: Spartan Assault. Let you choose your starting weapons. Earn points by playing Score Attack, spend those points to permanently unlock REQ weapons and Armor Mods for your loadout in the campaign. It would add replayability to the campaign where there currently isn’t any. Not sure how vehicles could be worked in, but I’d like for 343i to find a way… maybe place REQ terminals for calling in vehicles at certain points? For example, whenever you get to fly a Banshee or Phaeton, you get a terminal that lets you call in any air vehicle, including Wasps. I don’t care if it breaks immersion; the story of Halo 5 is crap anyway.

3. Add Halo: Anniversary Skulls.
Halo: CE Anniversary and Halo 2: Anniversary have the most entertaining skull modifiers of all the Halo games. Bandana would go nice with the aforementioned REQ items, allowing you to run through levels with unlimited ammo for your Halo 2 Battle Rifle or Halo: CE Magnum. Skulls like Grunt Funeral, Recession, Malfunction, and Scarab could make the game infinitely more entertaining.

Not sure I like idea of REQ stations in campaign.

Your A.I. teammates should be smart enough to cooperate and work together.

I like the ideas!

  • Stupid idea: A skull that changes the player’s campaign character into their MP character - Adding new REQ weapons and putting a REQ terminal under a specific campaign setting (my little voice can’t conclude to) sounds epic and would bring a lot replay value to the campaign. - Overall, your ideas sounds nifty and can fit in well with the campaign but I’ll never forgive the atrocious story Halo 5 has even if this ever happened.
    With those skulls, I’ll list the Anniversary only skulls:

  • Malfunction Skull - After dying and respawning this skull will cause a malfunction in a players heads up display, displaying various functions of the HUD at random. - Eyepatch Skull - Removed all auto aim from the game. This means aiming will be a lot harder. - Pinata Skull - Whenever you kill a covenant, he will drop a grenade. - Bandanna Skull - When you activate this skull you will get infinite ammo. - Grunt Funeral Skull - Grunts die in a blaze of glory and plasma. They explode like grenades after dying. - Recession Skull - Every bullet you fire takes up two bullets, making you deplete your ammo twice as fast. - Foreign Skull - After activating this skull you will find it impossible to pick up any covenant weapons. - Envy - Chief’s flashlight becomes the Arbiter’s active camouflage device, but without a visible timer. - Assassins - All enemies are permanently camouflaged. - Sputnik - The mass of certain objects is severely reduced, making them fly further when smacked with a melee hit or when they are near an explosion. Enemies also turn around when you hit them, allowing you to kill them in two hits. - Angry - Enemies fire their weapons faster and more frequently. - Ghost - AI characters will not flinch from attacks. - Scarab - All player held firearms shoot Scarab Gun beams. - Bonded Pair - In co-op, when one player dies, the other receives a 100% damage boost for 60 seconds.NOTE: I didn’t wrote this long list and didn’t listed all skulls exclusive to Halo CE and 2 Anniversary. I got the info from Halo Nation and Halo Easter Eggs.
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