How To Make Halo 5 Epic

I’ll start by saying that most people I know considered the Halo 4 Campaign a disappointment. But I don’t think it has to stay that way. Here I have a series of plot points that I would love to see in Halo 5. I don’t think 343i has ruined Halo in any way, I just think Halo 4 was too concentrated on Master Chief and the Halo universe is way bigger than that. Anyway, I’m not here to talk about Halo 4. Some things on this list may very well be what 343i is going for and I hope they do. I don’t know who else may have had the same ideas, but good for you if you have. Here are some hopes:

How Cortana comes back. I don’t want the old Cortana from Halo 2 and 3 back and I surely don’t want the emotional, rampant Cortana from Halo 4 back either. What I want is a new (and infinitely more powerful) version of Cortana to surface and this is how. Look back at the Forerunner AI, Mendicant Bias. Based off of my knowledge of Halo, he was created in much the same way Cortana was. Mendicant Bias had a long talk with the Flood (seen in the Halo 3 terminals) in which the Flood triggered his rampancy. Then he betrayed the Forerunners and ended up becoming the mind of the Flood once the Primordial was destroyed. Correct me if I’m wrong about that, but I think I have the gist of it. My hope is that the same thing happened to Cortana. The Gravemind could have done the same thing to her to trigger her rampancy during Halo 3. Cortana isn’t actually dead (after all there are hundreds of different ways she could have survived), instead she has reached the final stage of rampancy where she is fully self-aware (yes, like Red vs Blue). After all this is done, the only thing left is for her to assume her position as the mind of the Flood (who should be coming back in Halo 5).

Master Chief has to save the universe again but this time, he has to save it from Cortana (which I think is brutal in a very beautiful way). To do that, he travels to the Ark so that he can bring Mendicant Bias onto his chip (seen in the Halo 5 teaser). This should tie in to Cortana’s solution to the Flood she mentioned in Halo 3 (which might also be similar to the “cure” the forerunners were always after). Hints have been thrown at the fact that inside, Master Chief could be a psychopath, and that Cortana is the only one who can make him normal. We’ve seen what happened in Halo 3 when withdrawal from Cortana made Chief start having visions or hallucinations of Cortana and hearing her voice in his head. Now that Chief has to find his identity without her, we might see what he’s like. But I don’t actually know if we’ll be seeing much of Master Chief in Halo 5. It looks like you’ll be playing as Locke and the Arbiter for the most part.

About those two, Agent Locke and the Arbiter are re-tracing Chief’s steps in order to find him. They encounter the Storm Covenant, the Prometians and the Flood on the way and there’s your Halo 5 Campaign. Even before the Halo 5 short in the Halo 2 Anniversary cinematic, Agent Locke doesn’t come off as a trustworthy character, mostly because he’s part of ONI. Locke just wants to be the best and for him, finding Master Chief and bringing him back is the way to do that. He’s the only character cocky enough to take on both Chief and the Arbiter at the same time. The Arbiter know that Locke is only using him as bait (and probably has other motives as well) so he stays one step ahead of Locke the whole time so that when Locke is about to backstab him (or Chief or whoever), the Arbiter and Master Chief have been working together and stop him (and hopefully get information on ONI’s intentions). At this point in the end it is also revealed that Cortana is now the Flood and you have to take her out in Halo 6. It sets up for the next game very well.

The Didact is still trying to wipe out humanity. I don’t have any ideas of the Didact’s role in all this, however I don’t see it working out well now that Dr. Halsey is working with the Storm Covenant (and of course she can manipulate them) when the Storm Covenant is with the Didact. The Didact hates humans, so something is wrong with the current system, and it can’t stay as it is.

Well that’s it. Tell me what you think. Do you like the idea of Cortana controlling the Flood? Or to have Locke and the Arbiter constantly playing each other throughout Halo 5? I hope that I do end up getting some of this right, but we’ll have to see when the game releases.