How to make flood firefight possible - even if it's not canon

Hello all, kabasky here tellin you another idea of mine.

Flood firefight is something that I really want. Mainly because flood is my favorite enemy, and it was bad enough not having any in Reach, but also because flood would be a much more fun enemy to fight in a survival gametype such as firefight since they are always running towards you instead of getting in cover and dodging your well placed grenades.

If Flood is a part of Halo 4’s canon, than great, it can slide in along just fine. In the case that it Isn’t, however, than my proposal is to make a Survival type version of Firefight, which really isn’t about points in a certain amount of time, but more about surviving the longest. This can be done by adding a skull to Halo 4’s Firefight called “gravemind” which will replace, or “infect”, all of the current enemies and make them flood. This means we’ll be fighting Tank-forms, Infection-forms, Combat-forms, and hopefully new forms as well as ones not listed.

This will be a skull, and for this proposal I am asking that it be put in at least firefight, and campaign would be cool too. Just remember it’s not common for skulls to follow canon. Take for example Black-Eye, Grunt birthday party, the upcoming Grunt funeral, and Mythic. This Gravemind skull will be the same thing basically, but ultimately will make people like me and many more out there’s dream come true about Flood Firefight.

So please 343industries, please give us flood firefight.

Reserved, Son!

I want flood back, that’s all.

> I want flood back, that’s all.

Yes, you do want flood back.

This includes the endless waves of fighting them in firefight, correct?