How to make Custom Game Modes

I have not had Halo 5 for long but I did have halo 4 for a while, and I have been wondering how to make a custom game mode, I do know how to make maps but I do not know anywhere to go to make a game mode. You were able to make game modes on Halo 4 and on Halo 5 you could download some game modes. I have been looking everywhere to find an answer so can somebody please help me. PLEASE

Custom Game. Select the map. Under it, you should have general or game mode. select 343 (first option) and it will list everything like FFA, CTF, Strongholds, exc… set your timer and kills in the next selection. then it’ default weapons. In “Map”, you can choose if you want the power weapons and grenades to spawn. when you are ready, start the game. when you choose your map, you have the option to look for forge maps as well. you can even look and jump into other random peoples games in Custom Game Browser. if you want to play CTF but done have the numbers, you can just pop that open and press Y to search. game option, slide to capture the flag and it will load all the game modes playing CTF. FFA and it will sesrch that. but there are other option as well like Fiesta CTF. just keep scrolling and you’ll see all the options. there will be a number on the top left of the map to indicate how many people can join and how many people are inside. example, CTF 5/8. there are 5 people in an 8 person game. so hop in and invite some friends! or host it yourself in your custom game and allow all people instead where it says friends and company. FFA will catch the most attention. within 3 minutes of playing solo, someone will jump in. just keep the 343 maps going cause that’s more desired. if you have issues, ill be on tonight 6pm PST. i’ll be happy to help you out.

Thanks you for the help its become very useful for me, sorry i took so long to notice i have been busy lately

It’s alright. Glad I can help.

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