How to make Armor Abilities work in Halo 5

I understand the current complaints about armor abilities in current Halo games, such as Halo Reach and Halo 4. However, I recognize that Halo needs to modernize in some way or another. So in order to make armor abilities work in Halo 5: Guardians I have come up with a few ideas.

One way to make Armor Abilities work would be to make them more like vehicles, meaning they can be destroyed or at least tampered with. The following are some examples of how that could be accomplished:

Armor Abilities (in general): All armor abilities, with the exception of Jet Pack and Thruster Pack, would be destroyed if shot once or more directly, meaning in the location in which they are located on the back of the spartan.

Active Camo: In addition to the standard timer, Active Camo would also receive a health meter. Upon receiving any damage while using Active Camo the health meter (of the Active Camo) would decrease, along with the condition of the camouflage. The player would also personally receive damage as well. I recognize that players could simply deactivate their Active Camo upon receiving fire, therefore, the Active Camo could still receive damage while deactivating, meaning restoring the players full appearance (Ideally the time it takes for the Active Camo to deactivate would be increased as well). When the health meter expires (ideally after a damage equivalent of 3 BR shots or 1 melee) the Active Camo will cease to function. All else would be left unchanged.

Jet Pack: Like Active Camo, the Jet pack would receive a health meter, in addition to the standard timer. Upon directly receiving damage mid-flight the Jet Pack would loose health, as well as functionality. If destroyed (ideally after receiving a damage equivalent of 3 BR shots or one melee) the Jet pack would malfunction, taking out the player’s shields. It would also cease to function. However, unlike other Spartan Abilities it could not be destroyed by being shot directly while remaining deactivated. Unlike Active Camo, the Jet Pack would also have to be shot directly in order to receive damage. This would be balanced because it is much larger than other Armor Abilities and is an easy target. All else would remain unchanged.

Thruster Pack: Unlike other Armor Abilities, Thruster Pack would take more than one shot to destroy if shot directly. It too would have a health meter (which would ideally expire after receiving a damage equivalent of 2 BR shots or one melee), however, unlike Active Camo and Jet Pack, which can only be damaged while activated, Thruster Pack could receive damage even when deactivated, so long as the Armor Ability itself was shot directly. This would be balanced because Thruster Pack gives the player increased evasiveness. All else would be left unchanged.

Hologram: Like Active Camo, Hologram will receive a health meter (which would ideally expire after a damage equivalent of 4 BR shots or one melee). However, if a player’s Hologram is shot it immediately degenerates. Each time the player reuses his/her Hologram after the preceding one was shot, it will have a shorter longevity and appear slightly distorted. All else will remain unchanged.

Armor Lock: Armor Lock would be different from Halo Reach’s in that the player wouldn’t be indestructible. Upon using Armor Lock, the player’s shields would quadruple. However, Armor Lock’s shields could not regenerate. If hit by a vehicle at high speeds, such as a ghost, the vehicle would be destroyed, like in Halo Reach, however, the player would lose one shield level. Upon deactivating Armor Lock the player’s shields would immediately return to their normal state. When used again the player’s shields would return to the level they were before Armor Lock was deactivated. The level of the Armor Lock’s shields would correspond directly to the power of the EMP as well. If the player had their full Armor Lock shield level (in this case meaning 4 levels), the EMP would have the strongest effect while if the shields were depleted the EMP’s effects, meaning its time-span and range, wouldn’t be as great. When a player’s Armor Lock shields are completely destroyed, the player’s shields will return to their default status and Armor Lock will no longer be usable. All else will remain unchanged.

Bubble Shield: The Bubble Shield, like Active Camo, would receive a health meter (which would ideally be equivalent to 2 rocket launcher shots or 6 melees) Upon receiving fire the health meter would be depleted until it ran out, in which case the Bubble Shield would no longer be functional. Unlike in Halo Reach, the Bubble shield could be deactivated in order to prevent it from receiving too much fire. When reactivated, the health meter would be where it was before the Bubble Shield was deactivated. All else will remain unchanged.

Evade: Evade would function just like the Thruster Pack, except that it would only take one shot to destroy. All else would remain unchanged.

Auto Sentry: The Auto Sentry would work like the Bubble Shield in that it would require a certain amount of damage (ideally a damage equivalent of 5 BR shots or 2 melees) to destroy the Auto Sentry, but it could be deactivated at any time. It would also retain all the damage previously inflicted once reactivated. All else would remain unchanged (however, I would like to see the Auto Sentry look cooler).

Note: Damage equivalent means a similar amount of damage.

Another way to make Armor Abilities more fair would be to make them map pick-ups only, meaning they could not be used in loadouts.

Feel free to share your own ideas or comment on mine.

I think your idea is too convoluted to implement in any real capacity. The Spartans themselves would die sooner than their Armor Ability would be destroyed 99.9999% of the time. I’d rather have armor abilities be single-use equipment deployed like Halo 3’s equipment. I would have:

  • Jetpack would have 30-60 seconds of fuel.- Autosentry is buffed with more health and a stronger gun.- Promethean Vision has a much shorter range to see through walls, only about 15 meters distance. To compensate it shows you how much shields the opponent has left with the opponent’s outline changing color as their shields deplete.- Hardlight Shield should have the longest charge of any equipment. It can be held up just as long as it was in Halo 4 before shutting down, but if it is shot enough and depletes early the pack on the back of the spartan should vent plasma like a covenant weapon does to let people know he’s vulnerable.- Active Camo operates exactly like Halo 3’s Campaign AC where it can be picked up and activated later and does not put extra dots on the radar.- Overshield that operates the same way as Active Camo above.- all Halo 3 equipment included in multiplayer as well as more if there’s enough cool ideas.- No Armor Lock, period. It is the ultimate death cheater, and it was such a problem in Halo Reach that they had to nerve it considerably, and even then they replaced it with Hardlight Shield in 4 which is a perfectly balanced ability because you are not invulnerable from all sides.

If there’s any armor abilities, I’d like to see more realistic abilities for the new gameplay. What I mean by this is all Spartans have armor lock built in for their suits, Spartans could evade gunfire in the novels, but none of them use bubble shields or regenerators. So basically, if they didn’t use it in a practical application, don’t have it in the game